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Reimagining Fireside

At Fireside, your experience means everything to us. That’s why we designed our new interface from the ground up with a focus on efficiency, clarity, and aesthetics. There’s a lot that will be familiar to you, and you’re going to love what’s new.


The Fireside platform has always been easy to navigate, and we’ve taken that a step further, relocating the global navigation to be vertical...

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New Feature: Log a Call Button!

We've deployed a new feature to help make logging telephone calls faster for your office. When logged into your Fireside CRM account, you should now see a telephone icon in the upper right. Clicking that icon will present you with a dialog box that reduces call logging to its essential elements.

Here's how it works:

On the left, there's a panel that allows you to search for the person on the...

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Fireside CRM Updates: Making It Faster

In our last post, we mentioned the big updates that we recently launched to the Fireside CRM and our goals to improve the user experience. Our next goal is something that we work on all the time--not just with big updates.

Goal 2: Increase Mail Room Speed

Context menu

Context menus now appear when you click on any of the rows in most of our mailroom lists. The new menus provide faster access to...

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New Feature: Easy Audience Editor

Effective communication requires the ability to accurately identify the concerns and interests of your constituents. At Fireside21 we help you organize your constituents around the concerns, interests and other attributes they have in common with a feature we call Audiences. Audiences are like groups whose membership is fixed, not to specific constituents, but to their common attributes and...

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