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Isabella Seeman

Isabella Seeman

Isabella is a Technical Product Manager at Fireside21 currently working on designing and building features like newsletter, the communications dashboard and project management. For her research project she has been working mainly with machine learning and looks forward to applying those skills to existing and future projects at Fireside21. She enjoys helping design features to the user's specific needs so she has been designing visualizations to help people understand and interact with the results of machine learning. Prior to working at Fireside21 she was a student at UMD where she graduated with a degree in Computer Science specializing in data science. She spends her free time cooking and working out but mainly trying to decide the next place she will travel to. She has been to 6 out of 7 continents (only Antarctica left!) and has list of places to visit that isn’t getting shorter.

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by Isabella Seeman on May 05, 2021

Fireside knows that valuable communication with constituents and in-office collaboration are important to our offices. Single Form Letter emphasizes both sides of the form letter process through in-app editing, collaboration …