Audience Game Changers

Use Fireside Web surveys to build your lists of constituent subscribers.

Audiences in Fireside have always been dynamic, but today they are getting even better! A ton of new features have been deployed to the Audience Builder, providing more ways to enhance your constituent communications -- the perfect way to kickoff the 2016 cycle!

Casework Criteria
You can now use criteria involving agency, case status, case outcome and creation date. Include people with Veteran’s Administration casework when you announce related legislation or send a satisfaction survey to constituents with casework closed in the previous month.

Newsletter Statistics
If you want to find your most engaged constituents and build Audiences around these power users, you can do that in Audiences. Now, it’s easy to include people that opened or clicked on a link for specific newsletters or any newsletter in a particular time frame.

Telephone Town Hall Participation
Want to thank people who participated in an event? Or follow up with folks who were queued to speak but did not get to ask the Member a question? Fireside Phones customers will now be able to use data gathered from events (on call, time on call, queued, talked on call) to create Audiences.

Apply Affiliations to Audiences
Previously, if you wanted to apply an Affiliation to an Audience, you would have to export the list and then import the list back into Fireside. Now, you can tag all of the constituents in an Audience with an affiliation code at once. No need to re-import!

Duplicate Audiences
Sometimes you have to make several complicated Audiences, but only need to adjust a single piece of criteria. You can now copy an existing Audience and adjust as needed.

Combine and Exclude Audiences
Our new Composite (or Nesting) Audience feature allows you to build a new Audience by combining two existing Audiences, or even exclude an entire Audience from your results.

To learn more, click on any of the individual tutorials above or check out the main Audiences section of our Help Center for more information.

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