And the Winner Is...

After three weeks and more than 1,500 votes, we have a winner for the inaugural Fireside21 Feature Frenzy!

Our four finalist were the clear winners of the people, mail, cases, and outreach categories:

  • PEOPLE: Use Existing Audience as New Audience Criteria - Allow new audience to be constructed by using an existing Audience as an inclusion or exclusion.
  • MAIL ROOM: Batch Creation - Create batches on the fly from modify batch / modify individual piece of mail screens.
  • CASEWORK: Create a way to auto-create cases for mail going to designated batches (casework, tours, flags).
  • OUTREACH: Expand Audience Options - Enable building of Audiences around eNews statistics and casework agency.

And the winner is: Batch Creation (Mail Room)

Here’s a look at the voting for all features in the Final Four:

Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks as Fireside21 begins development on these four requests, starting with the winning feature! There will be updates over the course of 2015 from different members of our team as these features are designed, developed, tested, deployed and monitored.

Thank you, again, to all our customers for participating in this experiment! If you have any feedback about this exciting new process, or new suggestions for the next Feature Frenzy, please send an email to

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