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A Tip from Lance Armstrong on Constituent Mail

by Ken Ward, on September 14, 2008

Lance Armstrong wants to one-up his record as seven-time GC Champion of the Tour de France next year. A recent Vanity Fair article goes into great depth about Armstong's motives and the Livestrong campaign of his Foundation.

Here's an except about fan mail that got me thinking:

Somehow, Armstrong has managed to work into his schedule enough downtime to answer thousands of letters from kids with cancer and leukemia, in a personal, non-form-letter way. “These days I’ve been doing these video messages,” Armstrong told me. “I’ll sit there with a little camera and record a minute-long video and just give a shout-out to them and e-mail it. They love it. They keep it forever, show it to their family and friends.”

I know of some clients who have implemented a "Mail Bag" feature on their web site and others include videos on their legislative issue pages, but if someone is doing video responses to constituent mail, please let me know.

Now, it certainly isn't practical for each and every message, but it would be a lot more interesting than a form letter.

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