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A Day in the Life of a Capitol Hill Office

by Nick Consler, on September 19, 2018

Staff are the heartbeat of every congressional office. In our previous post about The Ecosystem of Congress, we highlighted how everything that happens in your office and in your district are connected. But, we only touched on the other distractions and tasks the office will experience every day in session. To help better understand the day, we created a flowing data visualization to show you a single day on Capitol Hill. This is a simulation that represents a typical day in a congressional office.




When a congressional office is functioning at peak capacity, it’s essential that staffers have tools that are able meet the necessary demand. The Fireside platform makes it easy to take calls, handle walk-ins, and organize mail and cases. We’ve created a system that works around your team’s busy schedule, so they won’t be overwhelmed with all the different steps involved in doing their jobs. When the day is this crazy and your staff is spending so much time in their database, shouldn't you have a system that drives to bring simplicity to the complexity of Capitol Hill? That's what Fireside aims to do.


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