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4 Ways to Get Organized for 2016

by Kyle Lowden, on December 07, 2015

Ready to bring 2015 to a close and get a jump on 2016? Now's the time to wrap up this session and prep for the next with some essential Fireside house cleaning! The Fireside Account Team has compiled a list of four tremendously helpful tips to organize your database this December. Doing just these couple of things will start your office out on the path toward another successful year of Constituent service!

Make Staff Inactive & Reassign Mail
Throughout the year staffers come and go, often handling mail and casework. December is a great time for Account Owners to review the Administrator list and ensure all former employees and interns have been made inactive (this is partially about organization and partially about the security of your data). You will also want to check for any mail or casework still assigned to inactive Administrators. Fireside makes it easy to identify and (if needed) reassign! Check out our mail room and casework tutorials in the Help Center to find out how.

Tackle Duplicates Report
A constituent moves, changes their name or even mistypes their email address on the contact form - as hard as you try, duplicate person records can still happen. If any slip through, the Duplicates Report is there to catch it for you. Fireside will identify all the people that have matching information and will allow your office to select which information you want to keep and merge the records together. Learn more about the Duplicates Report here.

Remove Invalid Emails
Throughout the year, your office corresponds with thousands of constituents. Sometimes those email messages bounce. Fireside then creates an Invalid Email Flag, letting you know that the email you have on file is "bad." If you don't already have one, create a Fireside Audience to track the number of Invalid emails in your database. If you have Invalid emails in your system, contact the Account Team at to remove the bad data from those records. Once the email address field is empty, the new address information will automatically be captured and added to their profile the next time they email your office!

Archive Outdated Form Letters
If you have form letters from the previous year (or, perhaps, even a previous Congress) it’s possible that the letters contain outdated information. Just click into the letter and change the status to “Archive.” They will remain on constituents' records and you can still find them in your database, but archiving the letter will ensure it won't be sent accidentally.

Save yourself some time and stress in January when Congress reconvenes by getting organized December!


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