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21 Tips: Plan Your Targeting Strategy First and Then Work to Build up Your List Counts

by Neda Nadjmabadi, on December 13, 2009

This is the thirteenth entry in our series of 21 Tips for Email Outreach.

What demographics do you need to reach the most? —What regions, industries, age groups? —Choose a few target audiences that are important over the next 12 months ”ñ between five and ten ”ñ and focus on developing strategies that will grow your opt-in lists in those specific areas. —

Don’t overdo it. —Only focus on the really important audiences to get the most out of the time your staff invests in preparing email alerts.

Say, for example, you want to expand your reach in a particular county. —You can create surveys that address local concerns and gather additional information about those constituents and the issues that interest them most. —

As your subscriber count grows, send more email updates to these specific groups with relevant to their geographic area (or industry, issue, etc). —These targeted emails are more likely to be forwarded to friends and family, further growing your opt-in lists for that demographic.

As always, coordinate with your offline outreach efforts and track your progress!

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