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2021: Year in Review

by Josh Billigmeier, on December 22, 2021

2021 has been a huge year for Fireside. Many offices have shared that they’re eager for new tech solutions to combat the shifting challenges that offices face. Like always, we’ve endeavored to solve these problems through integrated, customized solutions for our clients on the Hill. Our partnerships with FiscalNote and CQ, our work on casework, project management, and Single Form Letter all have worked towards bolstering your relationships in a way that enables you to serve constituents well — with a focus on quality, speed, and efficiency.

In the spring, Fireside joined FiscalNote to expand our research possibilities, access major data processing power, and collaborate with our peer on the Hill, CQ RollCall. This partnership has given us the tools to grow and expand in unprecedented ways. We’re particularly excited about continuing our work with CQ in the new year, and are looking forward to improving access to CQ’s wealth of archival and current congressional resources. 

Throughout 2021, lots of offices continued to devote outsize resources to casework due to Covid-19. We heard from many that Fireside’s casework environment makes it possible to handle those multi-way conversations with ease. Fireside plans to prioritize streamlining our casework workflow with updated project management tools in 2022. 

Fireside’s Single Form Letter continues to smooth out collaboration and formatting issues that plague staffers during the editing, approval, and sending process. Robust templates minimize reformatting that’s often necessary for communications to go out across different mediums, while tracking changes allow multiple users to contribute without confusion. 

We’d like to thank our clients for the feedback they’ve provided in 2021, as we strive to create workflows that solve our clients’ everyday problems. As the only truly all-in-one constituent management platform in Congress, we understand how important a centralized system can be. Congressional staff need tools built for their unique work environment that fit with their existing workflows, rather than just another platform to toggle between. 

Through our project management work, Single Form Letter editor, and partnership with FiscalNote and CQ, we’re driving the integration and simplification of the Hill’s unique environment, and will continue to solve the problems you pose with innovative and collaborative solutions. We’re looking forward to continuing to support our clients on the Hill in 2022, whatever it may bring.

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