Text Messaging

Cell phone text messaging is the primary means of communication for the majority of Americans, so shouldn’t you use texting to keep in touch with your constituents, too? Keeping with our goal of helping you build a robust relationship with your constituents, Fireside21 offers text messaging services so your presence is felt right at their fingertips. Using a dedicated short code (a unique, abbreviated phone number), you can initiate two-way messaging that allows you to learn where your constituents are texting from, what issues they are interested in, and how they feel about particular issues based on short poll responses. Fireside Text Messaging makes your relationship with your constituents stronger by helping you to communicate on the most accessible and widely-used platform.

Relate to Younger Constituents

Text messaging has become one of the most popular ways to communicating, especially among younger generations. Don’t miss out on the conversation, use Fireside Texting to start speaking their language.

Short and Sweet

Have a quick update about an upcoming Town Hall, or want to take a quick survey to see what your constituency thinks of an issue? Instead of drafting an eNewsletter, you can send a text message for instantaneous results.

Proven Results

Several prominent political campaigns and marketing strategies of major companies have shown the successes of mobile outreach.

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