Online Advertising

Online Advertising is the best way to remind constituents that you are working for them on the issues that they care about, and encourage them to join you in conversation. Your constituents are online surfing the web for news and information far more often than they look anywhere else. Shouldn’t you reach out to them in the places they visit most to let them know how you are working for them on the issues they care about most? With Fireside Online Advertising you will reach more constituents on a regular basis, in a much more focus and precision. Online advertising is the most cost-effective way to initiate individual contact with your constituents and strengthen your relationship.

Target Specific Interests

As close as it gets to mind reading: using specific key words and search terms, you can target ad messages with specific interests and from geographic locations that you specify. Let constituents know you are involved in the very issues that they are concerned about, and use an ad to show them how to join you.

Draw Users to Your Website

Ads can be links to website issue pages, where constituents can join your email lists, comment on your blog, or find you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites.

Publicize Events

Use ads to promote upcoming tele-town hall events all throughout your district, or let constituents in specific areas know about future visits or appearances.

Reach High-Traffic Areas

Reach constituents with banner or text ads on some of the most-visited search engines like Google, but also on other sites where your constituents are most likely to visit.

Save Time and Money

The most accurate and cost effective way of reaching constituents. Direct mail post cards or TV ads cost much more and reach a much less focused audience. Use Online Advertising to spread the message with face-to-face effectiveness, instead of wasting time and energy shouting in a busy room.

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