Email Lists and Data Services

Fireside21 provides a host of data services for congressional offices, including regular change of address updates to direct mail and email appending services which can jump-start your eNewsletter campaign by finding tens of thousands of new email addresses in your district.

Build a New Constituent Email List

In less than two weeks, Fireside21 can build a permission-based email list of tens of thousands of registered voters. The office can then use Fireside EmailTM tools to send graphical eNewsletters, town hall meeting notices and special updates on subjects of its choosing.

New Emails Only

Fireside21 will work with your office and use your existing email records as a suppression list. By suppressing the email addresses your office already owns, we ensure you only pay for new data.

Tested Deliverability

Before delivering any data to our clients, we send a “Requesting Your Permission” message so you only pay for valid and deliverable email addresses.

Solicit Subscribers

Create your opt-in list by asking your constituents what is most important to them.

Email Design Included

Send a high quality HTML email to your constituents. We ensure that the design of your email templates is unique to your office.

Voter File Acquisition

Fireside21 can help acquire the most up-to-date voter files for single districts or entire states. This is an important service, given that people frequently change names, marital status, move or add members to their household. Having current information demonstrates the Member is in touch with constituents.

Data Appending

Fireside21 can also enhance your existing constituent database by appending phone numbers, full names and home addresses of constituents in your district as well as other data points, such as memberships in organizations.

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