Fireside CRM

The amount of correspondence and agency assistance provided by your office can be overwhelming. Fireside CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) was designed to streamline this process and simplify your life, turning it into a valuable way to build relationships with your constituents. Fireside CRM software brings together all the tools you need in one place, which means that you spend less time bogged down trying to manage casework and correspondence and more time proactively serving your constituents.

By combining the benefits of all Fireside21 services in one intuitive platform, Fireside CRM saves you the time and headaches associated with performing these tasks. By doing the grunt work for you, Fireside CRM allows you to focus on more important things, like serving the needs of your constituents.

The CRM with the Works

Fireside CRM combines all of the tools you need to forge stronger relationships with your constituents in one easy-to-use platform. You can manage casework, handle all incoming and outgoing constituent correspondence, rapidly respond on urgent issues with email newsletters and update your Web site all from the same place!
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Completely Flexible

Fireside CRM was designed to handle your individual needs, in the way easiest for you. That is why we’ve made sure you can access Fireside CRM from virtually anywhere you find yourself and you can customize the individual tools to suit your needs. Read more about technology benefits

Build Super Strong Relationships

Fireside CRM will fundamentally change the way that you engage with constituents. Inbound correspondence organization, email and outbound correspondence tools like eNewsletter, and casework management all work together seamlessly to help you proactively build relationships with each and every constituent.
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Personal Help When You Need It

Fireside CRM was designed for your very specific needs, and the Fireside Team is focused on making CRM work for you. We are constantly working with you directly to make upgrades and in the event any questions or issues arise, you can speak directly with the Fireside Team who are always eager to help.
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