21 Tips: Encouraging Dialogue With Your Constituents Should be Priority #1

21 Tips: Always Test Your Emails in a Variety of Inboxes

21 Tips: Capture New Constituent Email Addresses and Opt-ins Over the Phone

21 Tips: Give Them More if They Want it

21 Tips: Ask for Feedback

21 Tips: Include District and Local News and Events

21 Tips: Ditch the Beltway Lingo

21 Tips: Mix It Up

21 Tips: Plan Your Targeting Strategy First and Then Work to Build up Your List Counts

21 Tips: Integrate with Offline Correspondence and Activities

21 Tips: Target Your Issue Alerts

21 Tips: Publish a Weekly Survey on an Upcoming Vote

21 Tips: Don’t Send an Email on a Friday Afternoon

21 Tips: Use VIP Lists to Increase Your Reach

21 Tips: Get Ahead of the News Cycle

21 Tips: Implement a ‘permission-based’ strategy

21 Tips: Spend Time on Your Subject Lines

21 Tips: Personal Email Signatures for Your Colleagues

21 Tips: Sign-up Surveys on Your Issue Pages

21 Tips: Sync All Your Data