Let the Frenzy Begin!
Kyle | March 23, 2015
For the last year, our Account Team has collected ideas for new features and we have identified the most frequently requested. Today, we are introducing our Feature Frenzy! It is an opportunity to choose which features we develop. Fireside21 clients...
New Feature: Log a Call Button!
Scott | October 21, 2014
We've deployed a new feature to help make logging telephone calls faster for your office. When logged into your Fireside CRM account, you should now see a telephone icon in the upper right. Clicking that icon will present you with a dialog box that r...
Farewell Summer Interns 2014
Josh | October 16, 2014
This summer we leveled up and took on 3 interns! Summer is the time to catch our breath after the springtime sprint to bring new offices on board, and work on programming projects that we don’t usually have time for during the hectic congressional cy...
Top Dog 2014 Kicks Off!
Bridget | September 22, 2014
WHICH POOCH IS THE MOST POPULAR ON THE HILL? Fireside21 will get the answer to this burning question this fall with Top Dog 2014, a contest that is for the dogs. Registration starts TODAY: click here to register your dog! Voting for Top Dog 2014 wil...
The 5 Things You Need To Know About The New
Adam | September 15, 2014
We build websites. I know that's nothing new, but in a way, it's always new. Website trends and technologies change quickly and constantly and staying on top of those trends is essential to building effective sites. On average, we handle 30-40 new we...
New Features: Add a Person Updated
Bridget | July 23, 2014
While we're on the Add a Person page, there is now even more info you can include when creating a new person! You can check the Opt-in box to sign the person up for your eNewsletter. You can also add a fax number or date of birth!
Three Tips for Making the Most of Social Media
Kevin Li | July 15, 2014
Congratulations! It looks like your boss has gained a few (thousand) new Facebook followers over the last three weeks and has just ascended several spots in the intra-caucus social media competition - now what? Engaging constituents effectively over ...
New Features: Add a Person Updated
Bridget | July 07, 2014
When you use the Instant Search to find a person and there is nobody yet in your database with that name, you can click the New Person button on the right hand side of the page to create a new record. This has always been the case. However, that Add ...
New Features: Welcome Screen
Bridget | July 02, 2014
As you've probably (hopefully) already noticed, your screen when you first get logged in to Fireside21 has changed dramatically over the past few months! We've been trying to make it a little more interactive, and a lot more user friendly. It now inc...
Social Media Best Practices Spotlight: Reps. Griffin & Murphy
Bridget | May 14, 2014
"Social media allows politicians and organizations a method to connect directly and without filters with people across the country, assemble a constituency, and solicit their support at a reduced cost and greater reach than traditional media. Social ...
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