As a follow-up to my 5 tips for reaching out to the blogosphere, I wanted to point to a post by Richard Edelman about how the PR industry needs to adapt to ongoing changes in the mainstream media to realize client successes.

He gives a great example of blog outreach and tactics that can be adapted for Congressional offices:

So let’s say that you are at a PR firm representing a diabetes drug. The mainstream media has been reluctant to cover the category. You come across this interesting blog written by Amy Tenderich, a Bay Area resident and a Type One Diabetes patient, called You see that she wrote a letter to Steve Jobs which sparked the design of a next generation diabetes measurement gadget. You learn that it attracts 30,000 unique visitors a month. So you offer Amy an interview with the doctor running the important clinical trial with a human interest angle with a few of the patients who have benefited. Amy posts and you are off and running in the long tail. Note a few recent posts: and Scott Hensley, the WSJ health blogger, picks up on the story for his blog and you are working in a new media-eco system.

Mr. Edelman is the President and CEO of Edelman Worldwide.