Rep. Royce’s Women’s Conference Microsite

Check out this microsite we created for Rep. Royce’s Women’s Conference. The event site can be accessed from their main site, however, it has its own unique theme and serves as a place where constituents can easily find event details, maps & directions, past event’s photos, and even a RSVP function!

Does your office have an upcoming event or program that might benefit from a microsite? If you think this might be something you’re interested in, please give us a call at (202) 621-5121 to learn more!

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Just launched a completely redesigned website for @MacTXPress! Check it out:

Just launched a completely redesigned website for @TomLatham! Check it out:

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New Feature: Issue Fields for Audiences

We are excited to announce we have expanded the ability to create and filter audiences. You have always been able to create audiences based on: user fields, affiliations, address information, correspondence form history and now we’re including correspondence issue fields.

You can now use the issues tags of a correspondence to include them in an audience allowing you to pinpoint specific groups of people based on the issues they care about most. It will also target people who did not wish to receive a response, or contacted you by phone, who were tagged with an issue. The best part about this improvement is the fact that one issue will typically have multiple forms associated with it. This means you can gather more people with fewer conditions via the include section of the audience builder.

You can also use this new feature to exclude a group of people in conjunction with our bulk mailing tools. Say, for example, that you’d like to send a series of bulk mailings (perhaps limited to 499?), but exclude anyone who recently received a targeted letter. You can use the new correspondence issue tag when you create your bulk mailing, and with this new enhancement, exclude that one correspondence issue tag from your future audiences to achieve this goal.  This is especially helpful for offices that are looking to target several large groups of constituents with many smaller mailings over an extended period of time, all the while keeping the audience up to date.

This feature is another example of the commitment Fireside21 has to listening to client feedback in order to streamline CRM processes for our users. The addition of this feature started with an idea from a few of our clients, and we thought it was a great one!

Rep. Pompeo Launches New Website

Rep. Pompeo’s new website features a slideshow of photos and videos right on the homepage. Visitors can easily request services from the ‘Quick Links’ section and sign up for the e-newsletter. The latest news is also quickly found in a news section on the homepage.

New Fireside CRM Instant Person Search

We’ve been working hard on a new Instant Person Search for our Fireside CRM and we’ve launched it this week as the default search for all of our CRM clients. We are always looking for ways to make the Fireside CRM simpler, faster and better and we’re very excited about this new search. I wanted to thank many of you who gave us great feedback after being invited to a preview this new tool.

This new search will help you find people faster than ever before and it is the best way to log in phone calls. Here’s how it works: when you go to the People App of your Fireside CRM account, you will now see one big search box instead of the old search. Just start typing and get ready to see your results! You can type any combination of name, address, phone number, email or organization — in any order — to instantly narrow down your search results.

The technology that powers this search is quite advanced and lends itself to the unique way we manage customer accounts and data on the Hill. No other vendor on the Hill has the technology or capability to support a search this fast and powerful! This new feature is a result of the hard work of Mark Soldavini who originally conceived of the idea and experimented with new search technologies during a “FedEx” developer day here last May.

Thank you, and we hope you love this new feature!