Congressman Boehner Refreshes His OH-08 Website

We recently launched this redesign for Congressman John Boehner. The site includes a unique slideshow of features, videos and photos bringing greater attention to his regular “Constituent Mailbag” videos and all of the services he offers to the constituents of Ohio’s 8th Congressional district.

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Just launched a completely redesigned website for @MacTXPress! Check it out:

Just launched a completely redesigned website for @TomLatham! Check it out:

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A New Website from Congressman Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan’s new web site puts news, videos, and helpful information right at his constituents’ fingertips.

Congressman Doc Hastings Launches New Web Site

Congressman Doc Hastings new web site is easy-to-read, clean and clutter-free. All the important information is there and it’s easy to browse though.

New Updates Speed Up Your Photo Management

We are excited to announce an enhancement to the Photo Album section in your Fireside Web account: you can now upload more than one photo at a time.


We have enabled the ability to upload multiple pictures quickly. You can add names and descriptions just like before, or skip that until all the photos have been uploaded (see below about editing photo information from the album view).

  1. Click on Add Photo.
  2. Select what Album you want the photo to go into.
  3. Name the Photo. (recommended – the photo name shows up in the associate photo box when you are adding a document under News & Media)
  4. Add a Description. (optional)
  5. Upload the file.
  6. Click on Submit Photo.
  7. The photo will show up below the Submit Photo button under a section called Uploaded Photos.
  8. status of the photo will show up on the left and the file (that you uploaded) will show up on the right. You can edit this by clicking on the edit link on the right side. While that photo is uploading you can type into the Name field, add a description and browse for a different photo. Click Submit.
  9. This will add a second line item under Uploaded Photos. You can add as many photos as you want. When the photos are done uploading they will show up in the photo album.


When you are browsing the Photos section, you still navigate through different albums by using the drop down menu at the top. There is a new edit button next to the drop down menu that you can use to edit the album’s properties.

To the right of your photo thumbnails, the name and descriptions can now be clicked to edit the text. Be sure to click the save button to commit any updates.

We’ve also updated the photo URL selector. This is a handy tool if you want to paste a picture into another page or even an email. You can click on the Lo, Med, or HI resolution button (thumbnail is default) to pick the size of the photo you wish to copy, then select the URL from the textbox and paste it into HTML.

Another new features is that you can click and drag photos (or use the old move up/down buttons) to change their order in the album. Finally, if you click the edit button, you to change the album the photo is in, and as always, you can delete the photo by using the X button.

A New Web Site From Lamar Smith

Congressman Lamar Smith launched a new website with a unique video slideshow allowing constituents of Texas 21st district to watch videos right on the homepage.