Keeping it Clean: Congressman Ehlers’ New Web Site

Simplicity is one of the chief strengths of Congressman Vern Ehlers’ redesigned site.   Rather than clutter the homepage, his office developed a site that is clean, easy-to-read, and a pleasure to browse.  All of the important information is there, and it’s a breeze to find thanks to the thoughtful navigation and crisp look.

Congressman Ehler's Web Site

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Just launched a completely redesigned website for @MacTXPress! Check it out:

Just launched a completely redesigned website for @TomLatham! Check it out:

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A Great New Site From Congressman Fleming

There’s a lot to like about Congressman John Fleming’s redesigned website: the rotating banner, prominent email and e-news sign up buttons, spotlights on recent legislation and hot-button issues.  This is a site that makes excellent use of space, offering access to lots of resources without looking cluttered.

Congressman John Fleming

A Look at Congressman Grayson’s New Web Site

We didn’t want to overlook Congressman Alan Grayson’s web site. With a wealth of information about current legislation and government resources, it helps make Washington accessible to the constituents of Florida’s 8th district.

A New Web Site for Illinois’ 16th District

Congressman Don Manzullo’s office makes a point of keeping their YouTube channel up-to-date, and their new web site offers them space to show off that latest video, along with their podcasts, photos, news, constituent resources, and links to their social networking pages.

New Feature: Modify Multiple Letters and Emails at Once

We introduced another new time-saver into the Mail Room this morning.  You can now select multiple letters and emails in your Mail Room and change the status, staffer assignment, form letter, template, or batch for all of them in just a few clicks.  Try it out: just check off the pieces of correspondence you’d like to modify, then click the new “Modify Selected” button at the bottom of that page.  Any change you make will apply to all of the correspondence you selected, and the attributes you leave blank will go unmodified.

And if you’re really trying to chew through some mail, you can use the All link above the checkboxes to select and modify all of the mail items on a page.

Congressman David Scott’s Redesigned Web Site

Congressman Scott’s office works hard to keep their site current, and they’ve been honored by the CMF for their efforts.  That’s why we worked with them to design a site that’s easy to update and puts the latest news and information right at their constituents’ fingertips: