New Fireside Web™ Feature: RSS Feeds for Issues and Doc Types

If you didn’t already know, your Fireside Web™ site produces an RSS feed that allows constituents to read the latest updates from your web site. That feed is found at:

We’ve recently made an update that now lets you slice up your feed into different flavors for issues or document types! For instance, if you wanted a feed just for energy related items, you can use this feed URL:

Or if you would like to offer a feed just for your news clips, you can use this feed URL:

* You will need to customize these URLs with your web site’s address and the matching issue (the IssueID above) or document IDs (the DocTypeID above) from your account. Let us know if you need help looking up these ID numbers?

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New Fireside Email™ Features: Forward to Friend and Web Versions

Here are a couple of new features that are automatically available to our Fireside Email™ clients:

  1. Forward to Friend form – this embed tag lets you easily include “Forward to Friend” functionality in any of your messages. Just add [friend] anywhere in your email that you want the link to appear.
  2. Web Version – this is another embed tag that creates an automatic link through to a web version of your email. You often see this in commercial emails, with text at the top like, “If you are having trouble reading this email, view the web version.” Just add [link] in your emails.
  3. Automatic Archive – You may have already noticed the “P” or publish button next to emails you have recently sent. This one-click tool will automatically compile an archive of your emails on your web site. Try it out, then navigate to your homepage and add “News/Email” to the URL.

We hope that these will be useful features for all of you. As always, please let us know of your ideas so we can continue to improve our Fireside Email™ service.

Copy and Paste photos into Fireside Web™ Text Components


  1. Click the “Photos” link from the e.Manager homepage.
  2. Click the “Add Photo” link from the “Photos” homepage tool bar.
  3. Fill out the “Add Photo” form.
  4. Select a photo directory from the “Photo Directory” drop down box.
  5. Type desired photo name.
  6. Type a brief photo description.
  7. Type name of the desired photo file for upload or choose file by clicking “Browse” button and then selecting the desired file.
  8. Click “Submit” button when finished.


  1. Right -click on the thumbnail and select copy.
  2. Find the page with the text component and click edit.
  3. Paste the photo into the text component.


  1. Right click on the pasted photo go to Set Image Properties
  2. Find the URL in the middle of the page. Scroll through the URL and find the word Thumbnails. (Example:
  3. Change the word thumbnails with either: lowresolution (small), mediumresolution (medium), or highresolution (large).  It should look something like: *Make sure you do not erase the forward slash before the word and after the word. *Every time you change the word thumbnails or change from lowresolution to mediumresolution etc. you have to erase the width and height.
  4. Click Ok/Update and it should re-size the picture.