New Features From Fireside Web™ Services

New Features

Integrated Flash VideoFlash Videos

Our video player features the latest flash technology to allow videos to be played directly in any browser. This is a great tool to share floor speeches, news clips, or personal messages recorded by the Congressman with your constituents.

Plus Fireside Web™ video tool provides video embed code to be shared just like YouTube.

Animated Photo SlideshowsAnimated Photo Slideshows

Reorganize your photo albums in a clean, attractive and engaging new interface. Instead of clicking to new pages, this photo slideshow lets you browse hundreds of photos with no delays.

The intuitive user interface displays previews, captions and smooth transitions.

Social Bookmarking ToolsSocial Bookmarking Tools

Social bookmarks allow constituents to “tag” web pages they find interesting and share them with their friends. Fireside Web™ social bookmark integration provides one-click shortcuts on documents in your new room for all the popular social networds including: Facebook, Digg, Newsvine and Yahoo News.

Through these networks, your site’s content will spread virally through your constituents friend networks.

Interactive Google MapsInteractive Google Maps

Google maps are an engaging and interactive feature for any web site. These maps will not only dress up your site’s district page, but also enhance up your “Visiting Washington” page or be implemented as an “accomplishments” map.

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The Fireside21 team would like to welcome @bridg_eeee to our ranks!

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Welcome to Fireside21, @KennyAmes!

Just launched a completely redesigned website for @MacTXPress! Check it out:

Just launched a completely redesigned website for @TomLatham! Check it out:

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Congressman Mike Rogers’ Web Site Animation Is Getting Attention For His Energy Plan

We recently worked with the office of Congressman Mike Rogers to develop an online animation to help communicate his Energy Independence plan. In the three weeks since its launch, Congressman Rogers has received much attention both at home with constituents and here in DC with his colleagues.

Here is a link to the flash animation:

The team at Fireside21 really pulled off quite a feat to deliver the animation from concept to live site in less than two weeks. A big thanks to everyone here who put in the extra hours so that the Congressman was able to launch on schedule.

Here’s a peak at one of the storyboards we did during the development: